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BALPA 2Way is the official member app of the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA).

The working title of the app, 2Way, reflects the core objective of design; two-way communication between pilot members and their union. 2Way allows pilots to communicate with BALPA more directly, openly and effectively regarding various aspects of their working environment.

The 2Way app allows pilots to submit working reports and information to BALPA at the touch of a button, while being kept up to date with the latest news, journals and events from their union. 2Way also features a handy emergency contact facility via phone or SMS designed to assist members in the event of an accident or incident.

Modules included within the app:

Reports – Allows members to submit a variety of reports relating to their working environment, and receive direct feedback on reported issues.

Emergency – Members can contact BALPA by telephone or SMS in the event of an emergency, and follow guidelines for aircrew in a step-by-step process.

Activity Feed – All recent activity in one module

Newsletters – The very latest company newsletters can be downloaded and read directly within the app in an online and offline environment.

Journals – Committee information, specialist BALPA advice, medical updates and other news can be downloaded to the app.

Destinations – Database of Airport, Hotel and Transport information.

Contacts – Reps, Board and Staff contact details for union are listed in one place.

Other features are included within the app.

2Way is designed to help to bring the union closer to members and allow members to take a much more active and influential role in making sure BALPA is run ‘for pilots, by pilots’

18 April 2017
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